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Joy Cups™

  • Interchangeable Lids
  • Leak Resistant
  • Range of sizes from .75 to 5.5 oz

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Joy Cup Portion Cups

Joy Cups are perfectly sized condiment cups for sauces, dressings, toppings, spices and other flavorful accompaniments. We offer interchangeable leak-resistant lids (sold separately) that fit snuggly on the appropriate base cups. Available in a variety of sizes, Joy Cups allow the consumer to have the full control over the amount of condiment they add to their salad, sandwich or entree.
While all Joy Cup lids are clear, the base cups are available in black and clear plastic in all sizes. Please note the .75 oz. and 1.5 oz. cups are a custom order and may have longer lead times. Contact your sales representative or call our customer service center at 484.546.0700 to learn more.

# SC5

5.5oz Souffle Cups, PP, Joy Cup

5.5 oz

# SC5B

5.5oz Souffle Cups, PP, Joy Cup

5.5 oz

# SL1

Lids for 0.75oz / 1oz Joy Cups, PET

0.75 oz / 1 oz

# SL2

Lids for 1.5oz / 2oz Joy Cups, PET

1.5 oz / 2 oz

# SL3

Lids for 3.25oz / 4oz / 5.5oz Joy Cups, PET

3.25 oz / 4 oz / 5.5 oz
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